Steven Blyth


Below is some of the work I produced within the last two years. Except for the most recent item posted (Nokia Stimulus), it was all produced within the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy.

Additional Work

Nokia Stimulus

A design concept exploring multiple device ownership and the exchange of content between these devices.»

Coordination & Group Dynamics

A NOKIA Applied Dream Workshop. Thinking about new services and applications for 'blue collar' professionals. »

Thesis Work

My Social Fabric

The Social Fabric is a representation of your social world, displayed as a single visual array on your mobile phone.»

Pond Life

Representing my social circle using a metaphor. My friends and family are represented as flowers floating on the surface of a pond.»

Strange Fruit

Thought around personal daily activity and ways to capture these events and display them in a beautiful form. navigate here»


First Year Projects


ChitChat is an installation that projects a speech bubble above your head as you talk. The bubble swells with the text "blah bu blah blah" as you continue to talk.»

Circles of Care

A service that provides small comforts to make hospital patients feel better and also communicates the patient's needs and progress to their wider social circle.»


A conceptual interactive installation promoting a high-tech waterpark and natural science museum situated on the Adriatic coast.»

Room Mates

Room Mates is the outcome of a two weeks Applied Dreams workshop in cooperation with OrangeWorld customer experience group on the subject of Event based timing tools.»

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